The Core Team

Stratumn began in early autumn 2015 with a vision to make blockchain technologies accessible and easy to use.

That vision has since expanded along with the team behind it, which now numbers nine full time individuals here in Paris. Each team member brings a unique perspective and expertise to the founding vision and has helped to transform the company’s products, strategy, and culture.

As a relatively homogenous group of young(ish) men, we feel tremendously fortunate to have the diversity of Atelier Meraki surrounding us, which plays host to a variety of companies working in technology, art, and fashion. We look forward with an intention to continually embrace the diversity around us as our team and vision continue to grow.

The Core Team

The Core Team

From left to right

Richard Caetano
CEO, guitarist

Anton Zuenko
Blockchain Engineer, amateur dancer

Stephan Florquin
CTO, guitarist

Anuj Dasgupta
Platform Architect, former monk

Gordon Cieplak
Director of Product, amateur jiu-jiteiro

Adrien Montfort
Senior Developer, bass player

Nicola Julia
Director of Strategic Development, tennis enthusiast

François Dorleans
Director of Business Operations, amateur scuba diver

Sebastien Couture
Director of Community Relations, avid runner