Zero-Knowledge Proof Of Location

At Stratumn, we care deeply about our users’ data. We strongly believe that people should be in control of their data, sharing only what’s necessary and nothing more. That’s why we’ »

Anonymous, Publicly Verifiable Boardroom Elections

Elections are the elephants in the room of (un)trusted processes. We highlight some of the tensions in designing a satisfactory electronic voting protocol, without centralized trust, laying the groundwork to present two »

Zero Knowledge Proof of Age Using Hash Chains

We demonstrate a zero-knowledge proof of age protocol that could be easily implemented on a proof of process network. In a recent post, we outlined a technique of proving that a hidden value »

Zero-Knowledge Proof of Balance: A Friendly ZKP Demo

Here at Stratumn Research we are currently applying various cryptographic primitives to allow participants finer control over their confidential information, even when it is shared in some way. Our general approach is to »

Zero-Knowledge Explained: Use Cases

With a zero-knowledge protocol, sharing proofs without data and the selective disclosure of information offer possibilities for businesses to work together in an interconnected world Innovation: Gradual and Sudden Whether in the fields »