In Proofs, We Trust: Part 2 of 3

Proof Systems are the engine behind blockchains. As long as the millions of untrusting bitcoiners are able to prove their bitcoin transactions to each other, the network lives on. In Part I, we »

Analyzing Performance in Blockchain-Based Systems

Blockchain technologies offer some of the slowest performance compared to centralized systems. For instance, the world’s best-known blockchain network, Bitcoin, can only confirm an average of about 3-4 transactions per second, whereas, »

Presenting Proof of Process & Product Updates

We’re pleased to announce some major updates Stratumn’s product offerings today. Proof of Process We’ve published a whitepaper called Proof of Process which describes our approach to bridging deterministic logic »

Building the Impossible

The Wright Brothers' solution to the challenge of human flight is a story of building the impossible. Between 1900 and 1902 the Wright Brothers perfected a glider with new and innovative aerodynamic control. »