Stratumn Libraries Available on NPM

We have released three small libraries through NPM this week to help developers make the most of the Stratumn beta and Chainscript.

stratumn-mock-agent will help you with your Stratumn agent unit tests so that you can create or update applications with confidence. It allows you to check the updated state of the agent, to simulate successive calls, and mock up an initial state.

stratumn-sendgrid simplifies of the process of sending emails with an agent. It also helps a lot if you want to stub the sending of emails in your unit tests (we recommend sinon.JS.)

stratumn-aws provides a simple wrapper around three useful features of Amazon S3 in the context of a Stratumn agent:

  • getting an signed URL used to upload a file to a private S3 bucket
  • getting a signed URL used to get a file from a private S3 bucket
  • reading the sha256 hash of a file stored in a S3 private S3 bucket

stratumn-sendgrid and stratumn-aws must be configured using our recent feature that allows you to set up configuration variables on your agents.

Combined with our existing packages, stratumn-cli and stratumn-sdk, these new libraries should help you build powerful and reliable blockchain applications .

Happy coding!