Stratumn’s Core Layers

Stratumn was born in an art filled Parisian workshop, or atelier in French. During the summer of 2015, the founding team explored how the blockchain technology could be used to improve the way businesses work together.

From these beginnings we found more than just technology in common. Through the process of brainstorming, debating and working together, the team got to know each other at a deep level. From this common experience Stratumn’s raison d’etre emerged.

We share our time in an office located between the Place de la République and the Bastille at Atelier Meraki, a co-working space for creative entrepreneurs. Meraki is a Greek word that means to “put one’s soul and creativity in their work”. After working with this team for almost one year in this unique space, I have observed the fundamental values that shape the soul and creativity of the team's work.


The team’s strongest intention is to work for the benefit of others. Every team member holds a deep belief that our efforts are meaningful because of the transformational possibilities for the lives of other people.


The disruptive forces of technology and innovation also displace many existing jobs and lives even as it augments many people's standards of living. With the awareness of this reality, empathy naturally arises as we contribute to technology which has extraordinarily disruptive potential.


In Zen Buddhism there is a concept called shoshin which means "beginner’s mind." In this approach, one maintains a level of openness and eagerness. Without fixations or preconceptions about the world the mind is fresh and open to new solutions. This is how we strive to approach our work, day to day.


With these core values deeply embedded in the company, there is a joy in the work that naturally emerges – even if somebody might be having a difficult day, week, or month. These qualities naturally drive us to continually lift each other up as we explore this new frontier of unprecedented change from disruptive technology.