Presenting Map Explorer: Data Visualization for Chainscript

With Stratumn agents you already have the power of creating transparent, provable and immutable audit trail of digitally notarized data at the tip of your finger. The data they produce comes in Chainscript format, our open JSON standard.

You are now able to display this data in a clean and legible way with our new Map Explorer.


Map Explorer is designed be useful to anyone participating in a process using Chainscript: developers, auditors, decision-makers and customers alike. The visual maps can provide a clear picture of what actually happened, as well as a tool to dig into the data produced. It also comes with a validator that checks the coherence of any Chainscript.


To help with transparency and so that you can even make your own, customized to your applications, explorers, we have open-sourced the libraries behind it:

They are all available on npm and bower.

The code behind is also available on github.