The Three Mountains

First mountains are mountains, rivers are rivers. Then rivers are not rivers, mountains are not mountains. Then rivers are rivers and mountains and mountains again. But the third mountain is not the same »

From Security to Trust

Security is about protecting the data from attacks that are external to the accepted participants in a network. Honesty is about ensuring the integrity of information provided by the participants. Security and honesty »

Presenting Proof of Process & Product Updates

We’re pleased to announce some major updates Stratumn’s product offerings today. Proof of Process We’ve published a whitepaper called Proof of Process which describes our approach to bridging deterministic logic »

Building the Impossible

The Wright Brothers' solution to the challenge of human flight is a story of building the impossible. Between 1900 and 1902 the Wright Brothers perfected a glider with new and innovative aerodynamic control. »

Introducing Our Partnership with Deloitte

Stratumn is a technology company focused on building enterprise grade tools and services that leverage blockchains and cryptography. As our solutions are targeted to a variety of verticals, we have recognized the need »

Unveiling the LenderBot

In partnership with Deloitte and Lemon Way, we at Stratumn are happy to unveil LenderBot, the first micro-insurance proof of concept for the sharing economy built with Blockchain technology. LenderBot allows people to »

Stratumn Libraries Available on NPM

We have released three small libraries through NPM this week to help developers make the most of the Stratumn beta and Chainscript. stratumn-mock-agent will help you with your Stratumn agent unit tests so »

Following "The DAO-way"

A friend once told me something about contracts: “The large print bringeth, the small print taketh” With over 150M dollars worth of ether at stake, The DAO, Ethereum's most significant experiment to date, »

The Core Team

Stratumn began in early autumn 2015 with a vision to make blockchain technologies accessible and easy to use. That vision has since expanded along with the team behind it, which now numbers nine »