Following "The DAO-way"

A friend once told me something about contracts: “The large print bringeth, the small print taketh” With over 150M dollars worth of ether at stake, The DAO, Ethereum's most significant experiment to date, »

The Core Team

Stratumn began in early autumn 2015 with a vision to make blockchain technologies accessible and easy to use. That vision has since expanded along with the team behind it, which now numbers nine »

A Giant Leap in Technology

We can easily imagine how information was managed 100 years ago. It was written on a card and then organized in a box with other cards. The boxes were then stacked in a »

Stratumn’s Core Layers

Stratumn was born in an art filled Parisian workshop, or atelier in French. During the summer of 2015, the founding team explored how the blockchain technology could be used to improve the way »