Smart Contracts: Fulfilling Nakamoto's Dreams

Contracts are essentially about strengthening human relationships in business and beyond, but they suffer from the vagaries of textual interpretation. As a remedy, computer code execution is objective. Can blockchains by way of »

French Legislation on Blockchain: The Way Forward

Roundtable, French Parliament, June 14, 2018 We were delighted to join Carrefour at a hearing held at the French Assemblée Nationale on June 14. This hearing was part of the Mission d’information »

GDPR: The Stratumn View

As a human being we all have the right to privacy. In our interconnected world this is a major challenge. The Global Data Protection Regulation, the European Union’s latest regulation on data »

Zero-Knowledge Proof Of Location

At Stratumn, we care deeply about our users’ data. We strongly believe that people should be in control of their data, sharing only what’s necessary and nothing more. That’s why we’ »

In Proofs, We Trust: Part 2 of 3

Proof Systems are the engine behind blockchains. As long as the millions of untrusting bitcoiners are able to prove their bitcoin transactions to each other, the network lives on. In Part I, we »

Analyzing Performance in Blockchain-Based Systems

Blockchain technologies offer some of the slowest performance compared to centralized systems. For instance, the world’s best-known blockchain network, Bitcoin, can only confirm an average of about 3-4 transactions per second, whereas, »

In Proofs, We Trust – Part 1

Proof Systems are the engine behind blockchains. As long as the millions of untrusting bitcoiners are able to prove their bitcoin transactions to each other, the network lives on. Here, in Part I, »

Anonymous, Publicly Verifiable Boardroom Elections

Elections are the elephants in the room of (un)trusted processes. We highlight some of the tensions in designing a satisfactory electronic voting protocol, without centralized trust, laying the groundwork to present two »

Zero Knowledge Proof of Age Using Hash Chains

We demonstrate a zero-knowledge proof of age protocol that could be easily implemented on a proof of process network. In a recent post, we outlined a technique of proving that a hidden value »

Zero-Knowledge Proof of Balance: A Friendly ZKP Demo

Here at Stratumn Research we are currently applying various cryptographic primitives to allow participants finer control over their confidential information, even when it is shared in some way. Our general approach is to »

Zero-Knowledge Explained: Use Cases

With a zero-knowledge protocol, sharing proofs without data and the selective disclosure of information offer possibilities for businesses to work together in an interconnected world Innovation: Gradual and Sudden Whether in the fields »

Beyond Decentralization: Prover-Verifier Systems

Richard Caetano and I presented Stratumn research on Proof Systems at the Ethereum Developer Conference in Paris on 18th of February, 2017. It was titled, "Going Beyond Decentralization with Prover-Verifier Systems." This post »

On the Instrumentalization of Trust

Sharing involves the risk of losing control. Today the cost of storage and transfer of the information is negligible. There's no more economic barrier to prevent the copying and storing of someone else's »

Identity as a Process - Part II

This is part of a series on Identity. Part I is here. While identity is modeled as a noun in the old paradigm, in the new paradigm it is modeled as an active »

Identity as a Process - Part I

We can begin to consider a new paradigm for identity by thinking in terms of chains of processes. If a process can be digitally modeled as a chain then each step of the »

Breaking out of Distributed Ledgers

When thinking about “revolution”, we can picture how a wheel turns. By starting with some momentum, we turn through the first 180 degrees as we accept the status quo. Then, turning through the »

The Three Mountains

First mountains are mountains, rivers are rivers. Then rivers are not rivers, mountains are not mountains. Then rivers are rivers and mountains and mountains again. But the third mountain is not the same »

From Security to Trust

Security is about protecting the data from attacks that are external to the accepted participants in a network. Honesty is about ensuring the integrity of information provided by the participants. Security and honesty »

Presenting Proof of Process & Product Updates

We’re pleased to announce some major updates Stratumn’s product offerings today. Proof of Process We’ve published a whitepaper called Proof of Process which describes our approach to bridging deterministic logic »

Building the Impossible

The Wright Brothers' solution to the challenge of human flight is a story of building the impossible. Between 1900 and 1902 the Wright Brothers perfected a glider with new and innovative aerodynamic control. »

Introducing Our Partnership with Deloitte

Stratumn is a technology company focused on building enterprise grade tools and services that leverage blockchains and cryptography. As our solutions are targeted to a variety of verticals, we have recognized the need »

Unveiling the LenderBot

In partnership with Deloitte and Lemon Way, we at Stratumn are happy to unveil LenderBot, the first micro-insurance proof of concept for the sharing economy built with Blockchain technology. LenderBot allows people to »